Potential Solutions

Tech Dependence or "Tech Addiction" is being called the "New Drug"

Technology itself is not the problem, it's the imbalance in the way we used it. 

While technology is amazing and generally an asset, when it interferes with your life it creates problems.    

This often results in:  

- Decreased Social Skills and Isolation - Reduced Family Interaction and Access to Positive Role Models  - Increased Potential for Bullying, Violence, Depression and Suicide  - Brain Changes Which Potentially Increase Reactive Behavior & Reduced Judgement - Engagement in Dangerous Online Communities, Radicalization and Recruitment - Elevation in the Potential for Future Addiction Problems - Loss of productivity in mindless tech use

Our Services Allow You To:

  • Discover how tech impedes interpersonal communications
  • Better understand how social and psychological problems are created & their impact 
  • Learn to increase positive tech use
  • Find ways to improve communications and reduce online conflict
  • Develop your professional skills to address issues related to tech use

How this is accomplished:

- Professional training for school core teams, school nurses and teachers

- Professional training to increase the capacity to manage their technology and that of their clients

- Ways to assess tech's impact on your clients

- Training on stress management to reduce individual and interpersonal stress and find ways to find balance!

- Customized individual, family, organizational coaching

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