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Turned On & Tuned Out: Understanding and Managing Tech Dependence 

Discover how tech use parallels the criteria for Substance Use Disorder.  See how it is affecting your brain, behavior and entire social system. Learn the indicators of what the World Health Organizations is now calling "Gaming Disorder" and why  many are calling tech addiction the new drug.  This session parallels the DSM 5 criteria, how it develops and its impact and steps you can take to correct it!


The Biopsychosocial Impact of Tech Addiction:

This highly interactive session shows how today’s technology is contributing to learning difficulties, communication issues, social isolation and personal consequences. Gain an overview of the potential impact on how it contributes to home, school and workplace violence. Understand the impact of technology on adolescent and young adult suicides. 

Unique Full or 1/2 Day Learning Experiences

John's consistently highly rated and engaging courses have advanced the knowledge for layman and professionals for over 25 years.  Every service provided is 100% customizable to fit your needs.

- The Impact of Tech on Anxiety, Depression, Violence and Predatory Behavior:

Learn how today’s tech is inhibiting learning, reducing attention, negatively impacting our health. Discover how it potentially impacts home, school and workplace violence while potentially increasing adolescent and young adult suicides. Observe revealing answers to your personal questions. Explore the signs of what the World Health Organization is describing as "Gaming Disorder”. 


When provided as a full day session, this expanded session shows how technology forces children, parents and professionals to deal with subjects they are totally unprepared for.  See how an innocent web search or gaming session can yield contact with pornography and predators. Better understand how late elementary students are flirting through sexting, and how this can produce life altering results. Ask questions and get answers.  See the apps, sites and patterns of use you need to be concerned about. A great professional development session!

- Stress Reduction for Regaining Life's Balance: 

The world today is overwhelming and increasingly stressful. But what if you could discover a way to change the way stress impacts you?  Now is the time to learn what you can do to reduce the negative impact of stress and better manage what life throws at you!  Gain greater control and regain your youthful balance.  Discover low and no cost ways to better manage your stress and bring improved coping skills into your family, school, community group or business.

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As a NJ State Police trained Sex Abuse Investigator, John  will show you how our children are potentially being "groomed" and steps needed to be safer in this wild world of the internet.