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- Turned On & Tuned Out: An overview of Tech Dependence, based on an addictions model. Discover the indicators and potential impact of Tech Dependence on a biological, psychological and social levels. Learn how your behaviors are modified daily, and the long term cost to health, families, and society.

- Impact of Tech Dependence on Anxiety, Depression and Violent Behavior: This Keynote dives deeper into the impact of Tech Dependence on a personal  and social level.  Learn how it potentially increases anxiety and depression.  Discover how it is increasing predatory behavior and decreasing effective communication amongst families and organizations.   

Core Courses (Full or 1/2 Day)

For a more indepth experience, John's highly engaging courses offer an advanced consultation with you to find out just how technology is impacting your organization. Every service we provide is 100% customizable to fit your individual needs.

- Understanding & Managing Tech Dependence: Based on John's Book, Turned On & Tuned Out.  


- Technology's Connection to Bullying, Violence and Depression: A powerful session, providing information on the imminent negative potential of technology.

- Stress Reduction for Regaining Life's Balance: Today's lifestyle is fast paced. Stresses affect your ability to balance your work and life. Learn to identify your stressors, and quickly learn  to cope more effectively.  You will develop an effective plan and have the skills to carry it out. 

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