Whats the Problem?

The Unbalanced Usage

Technology itself is not the problem, it's the unbalanced way we used it. 

Technology is amazing and generally an asset. 
However, when it interferes with the balance of your life it can create problems.   
This often results in:

- Decreased Social Skills and Isolation
- Reduced Family Interaction and Access to Positive Role Models
- Increased Potential for Bullying, Violence, Depression and Suicide
- Brain Changes Which Potentially Increase Reactive Behavior & Reduced Judgement
- Engagement in Dangerous Online Communities, Radicalization and Recruitment
- Elevation in the Potential for Future Addiction Problems  

Discovering its a Problem

See if you, or someone you care about answers "Yes" to three or more of these questions:  

1. Do you spend more time texting, social networking, & playing computer games than in face to face interactions? 

2. Have you ever found yourself in a dangerous situation due to texting, emailing, or electronics use? 

3. Do you become irritable when others comment on your "over use" of technology? 

4. Have you ever found yourself texting, gaming, or social networking more, and for a longer period than you intended? 

5.  Have you ever felt the need, or have others asked you to reduce your time spent on your computer or phone? 

6. Have you ever found yourself using your technology excessively, after which you have had to "recover" from your use?

 7.   Have you lost interest in hobbies, recreational activities, or  relationships, favoring involvement in your electronic or online life  instead? 

8. Have you ever experienced any negative consequences (relationship problems, job or parenting issues, sleep problems, concentrations issues, feelings of depression, etc.) related to your electronic use?  

If you answered "yes" to three or more of these these questions, head to the 'Potential Solutions' tab!!